Set up your acura all white shower in just 3 simple steps

Make your selection

  • Choose your White shower shape, size and screen configuration from our range.
  • Contact your shower installer; we recommend you use a specialist shower installer.
  • All showers are available with right or left handed drain and opening options.



  1. Install base
  2. Fit acrylic liner (if selected)
  3. Install frameless glass

Designed and engineered by Atlantis – New Zealand’s leading shower manufacturer. We understand the importance of creating showers that are solid and won’t flex or move under foot. This is backed by a comprehensive warranty, ensuring that your shower is going to go the distance

There are a few important points to consider when choosing the best shower base;

1 Is the base one-piece?

2 Is the upstand part of the base?

3 Does it have a 15 year warranty?

4 Does it allow for a continuous waterproof membrane?

5 Is there a single plane to the drain?

The Acura all-in-one shower system ticks all of the boxes.

Protect your home with a shower that is guaranteed to go the distance.

15 year leak free

Acura White configuration options

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